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Welcome to DreamView

DreamView is a smart technology based on Govee’s IoT system. It uses light mapping to reflect the information of the screen or music in the same environment via a Bluetooth connection. It's aimed to provide users with a combination of smart, rich, and cool lighting effects so they can enjoy diverse entertainment to its maximum potential. Support with Alexa and Google will be integrated in the near future.DreamView allows your other Govee lights to join in the party; from our strip lights and wall lights to bulbs and panels. Most models can be synced with your DreamView product in-app for full content-reactive lighting across your entire space.

Turn Up Your Lighting for Any Scenario

Viewing: Based on Govee Envisual technology, DreamView helps enrich the light mapping effects within the home environment, allowing users to experience more of the story and mood.Gaming: DreamView lights respond according to gaming images to create a 360 immersive gaming experience.Music: Govee DreamView’s smart algorithm provides 22 lighting modes. After the Govee device recognizes the sounds of its environment, you can enjoy lighting effects that feel like professional staging.Govee believes that a smart home should be an extension of the human mind and the emotions that accompany it. We hope that our devices can help you delve deeper into your emotions, where you can think about something before you think about it. Lighting is a carrier of a homely vibe and atmosphere, which should look and feel more smart, personalized, and fun.

Govee Gaming Monitor Light Strip G1

Govee DreamView T1 TV Backlight

Govee RGBICWW WiFi + Bluetooth Flow Plus Light Bars